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Join us as we stand together in unity to form a nationwide, multi-ethnic prayer chain to break the chains of racism and injustice

On August 8th, 1968 the first Martin Luther King Blvd. was named and dedicated in Chicago. On August 8th, 2020 we will celebrate the MLK Blvd. in Denver and pray together in unity.

We believe God desires to raise up a wall of righteousness.

Lined up

Hosted At

J. Langston Boyd Park 

3100 Richard Allen Ct. 

Denver, CO 80205

(Park at Shorter Community AME Church)

August 8, 2020

6pm – 8pm

Arrive at 5:30

Prayer at 6:01 – 7:01 pm

At 6:01 pm we will enter into the lament of many generations with one hour of silent prayer.

In April of 1968, at 6:01pm, a shot was fired which took the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Worship 7:01 – 8:01 pm

At 7:01 pm we will raise our voices in prayer and worship.


Our nation is in pain and people everywhere are wondering how they can respond. Since the late 1960’s, The Church has largely negated its role of influence and leadership in the cause for biblical justice. We’ve come to a tipping point and now it’s time for believers from every ethnic background to take our place in prayer and holy activism before the Lord and our communities.

How it works:
Meet at MLK Blvd.
People will line up side by side (Social Distancing) with white tape over their mask, silently praying. 
Before the event begins, each person will write a word on white duct tape that signifies their prayer focus, words such as love, justice, equity, healing, unity, etc. 
Because these gatherings are unique and unusual, people will inevitably come up and ask questions.  We recommend that the person on each end of the line functions as the spokesperson for the prayer time to engage questions or to communicate with media, etc.  When people come up and ask questions, they are the ones that answer.  There is no minimum or maximum number of people needed to do The Wall.
We recommend at least one hour of silent prayer.
End in group prayer including this: “Jesus I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my forefathers. God, tear down wickedness, raise up righteousness, and release healing to America.”
If you can, take communion



Our cities are divided by streets that have chained us to inequity, created walls of division, and borders of fear that keep us apart.

It’s time for faith communities to take a stand and turn every place of pain, into a place of prayer. It’s time to make our voices heard in heaven, and to publicly demonstrate the transforming power of God on the earth.

What is Pray on MLK?

Pray on MLK ( ) is an example of holy activism— a two hour, nationwide prayer and worship protest located along every Martin Luther King Jr. street or memorial in the United States (and around the world). During this gathering for the first hour, people stand side by side, socially distanced, along a sidewalk with white tape over their mouths or over their face masks. People choose a one word prayer focus they write on their piece of tape. The goal is to turn every Martin Luther King Jr. street into an altar of prayer, where justice would roll like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.
After the silent prayer portion of the gathering is finished, we encourage participants to transition into a time of worship for the second hour. This hour could either be simple, a cappella worship led by a few individuals or by an entire worship ensemble. The goal is to enthrone our beautiful Savior in our praise! When He comes, He changes everything!


How does COVID-19 affect the event?

Please do not attend if you are feeling sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Follow social distancing guidelines by keeping a distance of at least 6 feet, wear your mask or face-covering at all times, and use hand sanitizer before you come and when you leave.

Why are people wearing masks or tape with handwriting over their mouths?

While our voices are silent in the protest, our prayers are still being heard in heaven. In Isaiah 6, the prophet beholds the Lord of glory and realizes that he is a man of unclean lips and he lives among a people of unclean lips. The white tape symbolizes God’s purification of our lips and our hearts. The tape also allows us to protest in solidarity with those whose voices have been silenced due to acts of injustice

Will the event be rescheduled if there is rain?

Pray on MLK will happen rain or shine. Please come prepared for any type of weather.

Do I need to register?

Registering helps us know how many people to expect and gives a way to contact you directly in case of any changes arise (weather plans, etc).

What should I do if people begin to protest Pray on MLK near me?

Pray on MLK is a peaceful, silent, prayer demonstration. We recommend assigning certain people to answer questions from passersby. PLEASE NOTE: Though we encourage open dialogue with those who may disagree with what we are standing for, we also acknowledge that emotions are running high during this time. We ask that you refrain from communication that you foresee becoming belligerent or engaging in conversations that go against the spirit of Pray on MLK.

Does it cost?

No. Pray on MLK is a free event, but we ask that you register so that we can properly plan, including resources, social distancing, etc.

What is the significance of doing this on an MLK street?

Many cities across the United States (and the world) have renamed streets with Dr. King’s name in order to honor his memory and the incredible impact of his Civil Rights work. However, many of these same roads have been affected by racism, poverty, and crime. We believe God wants to redeem these roads and cause them to become a national representation of His “highway of holiness,” a sign and a wonder of both economic and spiritual renewal.

What is the significance of 8/8

August 8, 1968 in Chicago, the first street was named after Martin Luther King Jr.


Connect with fellow citizens, leaders, and peacemakers. Interact with creative presentations. Eat, drink, and dive into meaningful conversations. 

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